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    Samedia Tools USA SHOXX diamond tools


    10 reasons to choose the amazing Shoxx diamond blades from Samedia Tools USA. 

    This is  available on Samedia Tools USA !

    The SHOXX TX13 is the #1 reference for multi purpose diamond blades. Opt for an ultra-powerful, ultra-fast, ultra-resistant diamond tool.


    The SHOXX diamond tools does not go unnoticed. With SHOXX, you have all the advantages in one product, with formidable efficiency and versatility in multiple applications.

    SHOXX® diamond tools are second to none. Find out why.


    Here are the top 10 reasons to choose SHOXX® products: 

    1. Fastest blades on the market - cut up to 2x faster

    2. Exceptional durability - lasts up to 2x longer 

    3. Safe for users: improved resistance up to 100% compared to the level of requirements of EN 13236

    4. Significant vibration reduction: up to 25% less vibrations. 

    5. Unbeatable quality / price ratio

    6. Worldwide patented innovation. Our technology is unique in the world. 

    7. Made in Germany

    8. 20 quality tests before the product is finished 

    9. Compliance with oSa & EN 13236 Standards


    Shoxx® proudly carries the oSa (Organization for the Safety of Abrasive Materials) label of high quality.

    In short, the SHOXX BMX has all the advantages: in its GENERAL PURPOSE BLADES category, it is the fastest tool on the market (cutting speed x 2) and offers unparalleled efficiency (cutting time x 2).

    Equip you with the best high-end diamond blade with SHOXX forged segments! 

    Check out all Samedia Tools USA SHOXX® diamond tools.

    All our SHOXX concrete diamond blade by SAMEDIA TOOLS USA complies with the oSa international standard & with the European EN 13 236 norm.

    SHOXX, a patented industrial innovation unique in the world, discover it in video.

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