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    Diamond tools categories

    Diamond tools categories

    Diamond tools - due to their extremely high hardness and wear resistance-  can be used for various purposes such as precision machining of materials like graphite, highly wear resistant materials, composite materials, aluminum alloys and other ductile non-ferrous materials. 

    Available in a wide range of standard and custom shapes, we strive to provide designs that meet your needs.

    SAMEDIA does not only sell tools. We manufacture diamond blades, diamond grinding cup weels, diamond core bits as some others. But we go further: more diameters, more covered applications, more quality levels through our 3 ranges (SHOXX, MASTER and TECHNIC). Unlike all other diamond tools big names, we manufacture more than 75% of our tools in our european own factory, so we have better know-how and responsiveness. We're not newcomers too since SAMEDIA was founded in 1961.

    We offer the best cutting, grinding and core drilling tools for general contractors, masons, tilers, pavers, landscapers, electricians, plumbers and other craftsmen in search of high quality and great output.

    Our quality diamond tools are designed for extreme conditions and display increased durability.

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