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    Tiles diamond blades

    Don't have a tile loose, choose the right diamond blade for tiles cutting.

    As the main european manufacturer for diamond tools with more than 1 million diamond tools made over the year, SAMEDIA covers the whole scope of diamond tools. Moreover, the products we sell are all based on quality and performance.

    SAMEDIA offer professional quality, sustainable tiles blades with fine diamond grit for a clear, chip-free finish. SAMEDIA Tiles diamond blades are specially designed for cutting all kind of ceramic or granite tiles, but these powerful and versatile cutting tools can also be used for many other materials and operations: porcelain stoneware, stoneware, ceramic terrace tiles, glazed ceramics, marble...

    These tiles diamond blades are available in our 3 ranges :  SHOXX, MASTER, TECHNIC.

    SAMEDIA manufactures 6 tiles blades, all available now on our webshop. All these tools comes from our german factory and comply to the highest safety levels: oSa and EN 13236 norm.

    Our best sellers among tiles blades are the SHOXX KSX (diameters from 7 to 20'') and the SHOXX KVX (diameters from 4.5 to 14'').

    With our extensive range of Tile Diamond Blades, you can be sure to get all you need for your project.

    local_offer Save $148.28

    SHOXX® KSX Tiles Diamond Blade

    $161.03  $309.31

    local_offer Save $33.78

    SHOXX® KVX High End Blade Tiles

    $49.64  $83.42

    local_offer Save $45.70

    MASTER KCM Tiles Diamond Blade

    $49.64  $95.34

    MASTER KJM 12'' - 510632
    local_offer Save $37.91

    MASTER KJM Tiles Diamond Blade

    $41.16  $79.07

    local_offer Save $45.70

    MASTER KTM Tiles Diamond Blade

    $49.64  $95.34

    local_offer Save $18.29

    MASTER KCT Tiles Diamond Blade

    $19.85  $38.14

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