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    Asphalt diamond blades

    Asphalt cutting is a specialty, not a random job. So, buy special asphalt blades.

    Cutting asphalt requires a unique & different blade than the one you would use to cut concrete, granite, tiles, bricks or marble. Asphalt is a softer material and then requires a hard bond diamond blade. Avoid soft bond blades to cut asphalt pavement. It will not match or will not be really effective.

    Our asphalt diamond blades are perfect tools for pavement repairs or replacement, parking lot, underground utilities, subterranean pipes cuts, roadway construction or redesign, demolition... Our asphalt blades are also suitable with green concrete cutting.

    They are a bit more expensive than general purpose blades suitable to asphalt cutting but think about the cost per cut: an asphalt blade will do more and better in straight asphalt cutting.

    SAMEDIA manufactures 2 ranges of asphalt blades and 3 special asphalt diamond tools are available. All these tools comes from our german factory and comply to the highest safety levels.

    Construction companies or municipalities need reliable asphalt cutting blades for heandheld high speed saws or walk-behind saws. They have tight schedules & rigorous jobsites controls so no time to loose with average tools whereas our SAMEDIA blades guarantees excellent cutting & life. So they need to run SAMEDIA asphalt blades to achieve their goals!

    local_offer Save $122.81

    SHOXX® AX13 Asphalt diamond blade

    $180.41  $303.22

    local_offer Save $136.02

    MASTER ASM Asphalt Diamond Blade

    $147.72  $283.74

    TECHNIC AST 12''x20mm-510075
    TECHNIC AST 14''x20mm-500052
    local_offer Save $76.65

    TECHNIC AST Asphalt Diamond Blade

    $83.24  $159.89

    MASTER MIX 14''
    local_offer Save $147.01

    MASTER COMBO Special Diamond Blade

    $159.64  $306.65

    local_offer Save $550.78

    MASTER RFM Special Diamond Blade

    $598.14  $1,148.92

    local_offer Save $124.87

    MASTER CRACK CHASER VFM Special V-Groove Milling Cutter

    $135.61  $260.48

    TECHNIC GAV 5'' - 511021
    local_offer Save $21.28

    TECHNIC GAV Special electro-plated diamond blade

    $23.10  $44.38

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