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    Landscaper / hardscaper tools

    A difficult balance...

    Are you a landscaper, a landscaping contractor?
    You may look for productivity improvement without compromising on quality because your customers demand quality and they pay for it. Is it right?

    You need optimized diamond tools to cut tiles, bricks, stone, granite, and so on.

    If you use to cut many tiles or other materials in a day, you'll need to use a high-end tool to increase your efficiency. More over, you just don't want to crack or chip your pricey slabs. So cheap cutting equipment could never be a solution for you.

    Our special experience in landscaping

    At SAMEDIA we built optimized diamond blades for landscapers & hardscapers. We thought about the bond of our diamond tools: not too soft and not too hard, just perfectly balanced. In Europe, we even build the best high-end table saws for the landscapers market, so we know a bit about landscaping tools & machines, from cutting to dust extraction.

    We built 7 diamond tools in our german factory to answer your needs in cutting & grinding for any surface you have to work on. Check them and consider they will save you a lot of time and money!

    local_offer Save $62.64

    SHOXX® RX13 TOPSPEED Concrete Diamond Blade

    $92.03  $154.67

    local_offer Save $93.14

    SHOXX® TX13 Special Diamond Blade for asphalt & concrete

    $136.82  $229.96

    local_offer Save $75.38

    SHOXX® ZU5 Grinding Cup Wheel

    $96.20  $171.58

    local_offer Save $93.14

    SHOXX® GX13 Granite Diamond Blade

    $136.82  $229.96

    local_offer Save $73.58

    MASTER STU Grinding Cup Wheel

    $79.91  $153.49

    local_offer Save $42.36

    MASTER BSE Concrete Diamond Blade

    $46.01  $88.37

    local_offer Save $28.99

    MASTER MST Universal Diamond Blade

    $31.48  $60.47

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