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    Granite diamond blades

    Granite diamond blades are recommended to be installed on high speed saws / gas saws, wall chasers, table saws and  angle grinders.

    Granite is an igneous rock that contains 20-60% quartz. Granite is a very hard natural stone, which requires proper blades to cut the stone correctly. Our blades contain a high concentration of premium diamond grains to ensure that we have the right blade to cut all types of granite.

    SAMEDIA carries a wide selection of sizes to fit all your granite cutting needs (from 5 to 28''). Our more popular granite blades are: SHOXX GX13 SILENCIO, SHOXX GX13, SHOXX GX20 SILENCIO. Their performance in granite cutting is way higher than any other blade. You have to run them to experience their stunning difference. Add to this they are excellent performers in concrete or reinforced concrete, just to name a few applications.

    Nearly all of our granite cutting tools are manufactured in our SAMEDIA German factory, the first european manufacturer of high-end diamond tools.

    local_offer Save $93.14

    SHOXX® GX13 Granite Diamond Blade

    $136.82  $229.96

    SHOXX UB13
    local_offer Save $526.67

    SHOXX® UB13 Concrete Diamond Blade

    $773.69  $1,300.36

    MASTER MTT 7''-511059
    local_offer Save $31.22

    MASTER MTT Universal Diamond Blade

    $33.90  $65.12

    MASTER MIX 14''
    local_offer Save $147.01

    MASTER COMBO Special Diamond Blade

    $159.64  $306.65

    MASTER BGM 9''
    local_offer Save $50.19

    MASTER BGM Concrete Diamond Blade

    $54.49  $104.68

    MASTER GTM 12''
    local_offer Save $60.20

    MASTER GTM Granite Diamond Blade

    $65.39  $125.59

    local_offer Save $125.28

    SHOXX® GX13 SILENCIO Granite Diamond Blade

    $184.04  $309.32

    local_offer Save $50.28

    MASTER GSM SILENCIO Granite Diamond Blade

    $73.86  $124.14

    SHOXX GX20 Silencio 16''
    local_offer Save $309.09

    SHOXX® GX20 SILENCIO Granite Diamond Blade

    $454.05  $763.14

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