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    Diamond Tools – How to Use Them

    Diamond Tools – How to Use Them

    There are many things to know about the use and choice of tools and blades.

    Diamond tools are necessary to drill very hard materials, such as glass, stone, concrete, ceramic, tile. However, they are not magical and will not last nor do a good job if not used properly. It is important to follow the proper procedure if you want your blades to last a long time.

    Diamond blades : They work with many machines: gas saw, angle grinder, walk behind saw, wall saw, table saw, bridge saw, block cutting saw, floor saw, floor grinder, tile cutter, wall chaser & core drilling machine. With a few exceptions, our tools are suitable for performing dry and wet cuts.

    Diamond grinding wheels : our diamond grinding wheels are the right choice to save valuable working time! Thanks to turbo segmentation with high standard industrial diamonds, these diamond grinding wheels guarantee an extremely high removal rate and a very long service life. The special temperature-resistant diamond segments are especially suitable for the rapid removal of the selected material. Due to its special diamond bond, the grinding wheel is particularly suitable for very hard materials such as concrete, screed and hard stone.

    Because it is a solid material rather than a thin layer, the amount of diamond powder available is much higher. Because of this, and because diamonds are present throughout the sintered diamond-metal composite block, when the wheel wears, new, fresh diamond fragments are exposed. The sintered disc not only sheds abrasive particles, but also regenerates with use, so it lasts longer. Of course, this higher, more sophisticated technology, along with the high diamond content, results in a more expensive product. However, the durability of the tool more than makes up for the price. Diamond tools can be used in thousands of applications, which are important for professional use and reduce tool costs overall despite a lower initial cost.

    Diamond core bits: it is important to follow some guidelines. If you do this, your diamond bits will last longer and work more efficiently.

    • Do not apply too much pressure. Let the saw do the job
    • Don't drill too fast, use a slower drill rate
    • Cool the drill bit and drilling area with water while drilling
    • Use a guide or a stationary drill stand to ensure the drill bit does not slip
    • Use safety goggles or goggles and gloves

    Drilling hard materials will be easy and safe if you follow these few simple rules.


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