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    Bending strength test: standard blade Vs SHOXX® blade

    Segments breakage test by SAMEDIA

    Our SHOXX diamond blades are 2x STRONGER than others. No need to argue, just watch this video. It's a bending strength test we did some time ago.

    We compared a 230mm diameter (9'') standard sintering diamond blade Vs a Shoxx forged diamond blade.

    The laser welding of a diamond blade must resist to a 15Nm (132.76 in-lbs) bending strength (minimum requirement from EN 13236 norm).

    Standard technology diamond blade

    • Bending test succeeded at 15Nm = blade in line with the norm
    • Bending test failed at 25Nm (221.2 in-lbs)

    SHOXX® high-end diamond blade from Samedia

    • Bending test succeedeed at 15Nm; blade in line with the norm
    • Bending test succeedeed at 25Nm
    • Bending test succeedeed at 30Nm (265.5 in-lbs)

    Our laser welding system even resist to a 35 Nm (309.77 in-lbs) bending strength !!

    At 35Nm the steel core bends…… but the segments resist.

    In conclusion: Unmatched safety with the Shoxx blades from Samedia. The safest blades on the market !!

    That's why you just can't choose other diamnd blades than SHOXX blades when you want the best lifetime and output with your diamond blades!

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